Why Static Caravans Have an Edge Over Its Touring Counterpart?

Caravans are popularly known for their services as holiday homes in parks and attractive spots. However, people often get confused when they look for large caravans to hire mainly because of the multipurpose – touring and caravan.

Booking caravan holidays means knowing what advantage or drawbacks each of the two options brings, especially if there are certain preferences to cater to. So, before you proceed to look for large caravans to hire, read below to understand how the static homes are different from touring.

Static caravans are better, any day

Static caravans are, without a doubt, way better than the touring ones. Though the latter look very classy while being towed on the road, the versatility of the former wins, hands down. Here are some of the significant differences between the two that are sure to make you change your decision.


As straightforward as it could get, static caravans are way more spacious than touring carts for obvious reasons. Static caravans are built with the structure and concept of conventional houses, albeit on a raised platform.

On the other hand, touring caravans are of the size of a bus coach and has everything fixed and fastened inside. Hence, there is an obvious space crunch.


Since static caravans are fixed in a place, they have an added advantage of accommodating amenities that touring caravans cannot have. Being static in a place means you can have central heating, air conditioning and also freestanding appliances and furniture.

On the contrary, touring caravans cannot have any appliance or furniture that are not fixed to the walls or floor.


Static caravans offer home comfort at the highest level. It can accommodate a modern kitchen and bathroom since all of the supplies and connections can be permanent. However, since touring caravans are mobile, they cannot have such facilities.

So now that you know what major advantages static caravans have over their touring counterparts, booking one such holiday home at Stephils Caravans Butlins in Skegness can be a perfect choice when it comes to experiencing an adventurous escape from the mundane daily life.

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